Siddhpeeth Shri Dakshin Kali Mandir

Considered as the centre of worship for a happy and prosperous life, the Dakshin Kali temple is said to have powers that can even turn death. Those who pray to Goddess Dakshin Kali of this temple, will have good fortune and a successful life, free from diseases, illness and injuries. The temple is located amidst Nilgiri hills with river Ganga flowing in its lap in Haridwar. It is said that this type of famed Dakshin Kali temple is located only in 2 places in India, 1 at Kolkata and 1 in Haridwar. Special pooja is done during Navratrey festival to appease the goddess. ‘Bhairav’ a version of lord Shiva, himself guards this temple. The temple is located above a Kund, said to possess special powers. According to stories of local people, Goddess Dakshin Kali devotee and follower of lord Shiva from Kolkata, Guru Kaamraj took out the goddess’s deity from scared chamber and set it up on Neel Parvat. Since then, the idol has been present in this temple and has been fulfilling wishes of her devotees.